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About RE/MAX

Corporate Information

Based in Denver, Colo., RE/MAX International oversees a network of more than 100,000 agents in more than 50 countries. Learn more by viewing the biographies of RE/MAX International officers and detailed information about the RE/MAX balloon and the network's unique history.

The RE/MAX network is made up of more than 70 regions, varying in size from a metropolitan area to an entire country.

RE/MAX values community involvement at all levels of the organization, from individual Associates to corporate headquarters. Children's Miracle Network and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation are two prime beneficiaries.

History of RE/MAX

Dave and Gail Liniger founded RE/MAX in Denver, Colo., in 1973, prompted by their dissatisfaction with the way real estate business was conducted at the time.

Regardless of an operation's size, most real estate offices used the commission-split system, requiring sales professionals to forfeit half of their commissions to their brokers in exchange for an office environment and company services. The top producers contributed the most to the operation's overhead, thus supporting the amateur, part-time and low-producing agents. Most salespeople left the business within two years, making residential real estate a high-turnover industry comprising in large part inexperienced and unprofessional staffs.

The Linigers wanted to change all that.

They believed that to attract and retain the best agents in the business, brokers must offer them maximum compensation, advanced support services and the freedom they need to succeed. Agents would share office overhead and pay management fees, and in return would receive a wide variety of traditional real estate franchise services and high commissions.

The strategy worked.

RE/MAX has grown every single month for more than 30 years. Very few companies with a worldwide presence can make such a claim.

Recognized by the homebuying and selling public for its red, white and blue hot air balloon logo, RE/MAX has been the No. 1 residential real estate network in Canada since 1987 and is a leading industry force in the United States and many other regions.

The most significant growth for RE/MAX in recent years has come outside the United States, with expansion into Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand and South America. RE/MAX takes proven techniques and adapts them to local markets, thereby developing a series of tools that real estate professionals find invaluable.

Some of the innovative services created by RE/MAX International to help its members become ever more professional and successful include relocation and asset management, commercial investment, an international referral network, advanced training courses, state-of-the-art technological tools, Internet and extranet Web sites, and national television advertising campaigns. It was the first - and remains the only - real estate network to invent and maintain a satellite television network (RE/MAX Satellite Network) dedicated to real estate professionals.

In an industry rife with mergers and acquisitions, RE/MAX is the only major real estate network still owned and directed by its original founders.